Living in Neuchatel

French atmosphere, Swiss sense of order, security and tranquility, young ferment and tourism: living in Neuchatel is a unique experience and a big opportunity for your business.

Neuchatel is not only a charming city for tourists but also a place offering an excellent quality of life to residents and extraordinary business opportunities for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Neuchatel is a quiet safe  city in a perfect Swiss style, but it is, at the same time, a vibrant place from a cultural and commercial point of view: museums, casinos, hotels, schools and shops enliven the city and transform a quiet medieval town into a centre bustling with people, events, opportunities. In a word Neuchatel is a city vibrant with life, there are numerous students active and able to fill its streets with energy throughout the year, while tourism is developed, thriving and diversified because it attracts all types of visitors in different periods of the year- swimmers, sportsmen, ornithologists, wine lovers, history buffs, watch enthusiasts and so on.

Neuchatel is a city accustomed to novelty as well as warm for visitors of every nationality, that?s why its people are open-minded, eager to know new things and able to profit from any activity . For this reason Neuchatel, despite its small  size,  is one of the major Swiss cities also thanks to its cultural and commercial ferment.

The historic centre is the ideal place to live and develop one's own business, because it is the strongest commercial point in the city, a meeting place, a shopping and cultural centre where you can find the most representative monuments, true symbols, visible from afar and creators of the charm of Neuchatel.