Where is it? Territory and landscape

An ideal location, a breath-taking natural landscape, an open-minded and dynamic population make Neuchatel a benchmark in Switzerland and Central Europe.

Neuchatel lies on the North-Western bank of the namesake lake at the foot of the Giura mountains. It is the capital of the homonymous Canton and is situated at the heart of French Switzerland in the middle of Central Europe.

Its privileged geographical position and the charming natural landscape surrounding it together with its mild climate make this city-also characterized by a lively intellectual scene and profitable trading opportunities in every sector- the commercial, gastronomic and touristic centre of the whole area, that is to say seven French-speaking Cantons, the whole of Switzerland and the neighboring  French territories.

The Northern shore: the vineyards

The land of Neuchatel, the sun and the lake make it the ideal place of  renowned vineyards. Along the way Route du Vignoble you can see 30 kilometers of farmlands where Chasselas grapes and other varieties produce wine that make Neuchatel famous all over Europe. It is not coincidence that the Boudry Castle is also home to the celebrated  museum of vine and wine. Neuchatel is also well known for the grape picking festival, an Autumn event characterized by festive floral floats. In perfect French style the city is also known for its cheese, among which the top is the ?Gruyere? and the production of chocolate whose most renowned brand is Philippe Suchard after which the most famous Swiss pastry bakery shop is named.

The Southern shore: unspoiled nature

South of Neuchatel there is the country?s largest paradise for ornithologists, the widest mash area in Switzerland : La Grande Cariçaie where you can appreciate beautiful reeds serving as a shelter for hundreds of bird species  and experience a type of tourism very close to nature. On the north-western shore of the lake the extension of the water and the climate make it possible to produce all kinds of water sports- sailing, windsurf, canoeing and many points are safe for bathing. During the Summer Neuchatel is a much loved touristic destination for sport lovers and people who prefer to relax on the lake shore. Moreover, the area is well served by numerous ferries: cruising, excursions and tours allow to fully explore the land adventurously yet safely.

The centre: monuments and shopping

The historic centre is home to important monuments: the medieval Castle that dates back to the XIIth century after which the city is named, the great Minster rising just next, the Latenium, a sensational archeological museum, and Durenmatt centre dedicated to the Swiss writer who has lived for a long time in the city. The historic centre is also full of numerous stores from the supermarket to the luxury boutique, from shops selling  typical products to wide consumption goods, along the streets of Neuchatel shopping is customary for residents, students, tourists and businessmen