Life in Les Galeries Marval

In Neuchatel a commercial area right in the historic centre , fulcrum of an ambitious project.

A vibrant city where the world of business, tourism and university life are in continuous ferment and a commercial area situated in the very heart of the city at the centre of an ambitious project , make Les Galéries Marval. an interesting opportunity for Italian companies to expand abroad.

A commercial area of antique charm for a modern shopping
Les Galéries Marval are found in a historic building of Neuchatel, once the home of the famous Marval family ; a place known and recognized by residents and visitors to the city that is situated in an area full of tourists and the subject of a fascinating transformation that opens to modern commercial needs leaving intact the old charm.

The Art Gallery, Wine bar, shops and SPA: a unique meeting place and entertainment in the city centre

With the opening of stores for prestigious brands, the birth of a refined bistro and the inauguration of a wonderful SPA, Les Galéries Marval. will become a meeting place, a real landmark for the city, where shopping, dining  and wellness will welcome visitors for a complete and fulfilling entertainment experience unique in the city centre.

A commercial area dedicated to Italian and Swiss excellence
Les Galéries Marval offers the possibility to seize the opportunities of French Switzerland, a place not far from Italy but now rich and organized in a shopping centre already equipped, modern and newly renovated. The ambition of its Italian entrepreneurs will transform the GM into the Swiss stronghold of “made in Italy” where fashion and Italian food will find ample space and the right target to gain popularity and expand into Central Europe.